Europe's Best Cycling Tours: Bike the Pyrenees

"The tour ranks amongst the most fantastic experiences I have ever had and this, I believe, is entirely due to your high degree of organization, friendliness and support throughout the 10 days of our ride." ~Simon Blackwell

"The tour ranks amongst the most fantastic experiences I have ever had!" ~Simon Blackwell

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All About the Pyrenees: Bike Tours, Cycling Information, Trekking, Local Food, Sights & Activities!

All About the Pyrenees


The Pyrenees is the world's best cycling destination! No other area combines as much beauty, challenge, culture, history and diversity as the Pyrenees' or offers as many world-class cycling routes. The greatest battles of the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana often happen in the Pyrenees. If you can only cycle Europe once and love mountains, we recommend the Pyrenees.

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Best Cycling Routes of the Pyrenees

No other regions offer as much variety of routes as the Pyrenees does. Over the last 10 years, Jean-Philippe designed over 1000 diferent Pyrenees cycling itineraries. If you'd like to discover a few superb Pyrenees routes on your own, here are just a few...

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Pyrenees Major Climbs

Featuring all Pyrenees mountain climbs would take an entire book, but here are detailed information about a tight selection of some of the major and most famous Tour de France Mountain Passes as well as some of the most spectacular Pyrenees climbs.

Pyrenees Major Climbs...

Pyrenees Bike Tours Testimonials

Jean-Philippe has 30 years of experience designing and guiding worldwide expeditions, 15 years experience designing and guiding cycling tours and 9 years experience doing so in his native region of the Pyrenees. Read what his customers have to say about his tours.

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Pyrenees Major Mountain Climbs


The Pyrenees may not be as famous as the Alps, but it offers more diversity and thousands of mountain lakes. One can treck the entire Pyrenees chain from Sea to Sea criss-crossing between France and Spain, or hike to secluded valleys with numerous mountain lakes. We'll soon start featuring some of the most scenic mountain valleys of the Pyrenees.

Pyrenees Trekking...

Pyrenees Trekking

What to do & See in the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is a fascinating region that features numerous valleys, each with their rich history, culture, natural sights, art and cuisine. And appart from taking a nap, there is so much more to see and do off-the bike and off-the trail. In this section, we'll soon feature some of the numerous sights and activities the Pyrenees offer.

What to do & See in the Pyrenees

Pyrenees Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Many people travel to France for its food and wine. I have to admit that as a passionate cyclist and mountain trekker, I'm equally passionate about the food and wine and that it's one of the things I've missed the most during my 25 years living abroad. This section will soon focus on the best Pyrenees food specialties and wine.

Pyrenees Food & Wine...